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Twenty Thirteen

And so we come to the end of an incredibly eventful year; a year that was by turns fulfilling, frustrating and ultimately enriching for Rhum and Clay.  This is an epic summary blog, so get comfortable (or just skim). I’m going to try and look at some of the broader issues this year brought up … Continue reading

Making Plans

I must confess to a love of making plans. There is a strange satisfaction in organising the whats, the wheres and the hows. As we have progressed as a company, the amount of these left to chance has decreased and we have been able to wrestle back a bit of control. That said, there is … Continue reading

Where Next?

With the dust of Edinburgh still settling we are able to look back on August with bruised egos and diminished bank balances and say, ‘We survived … just!’ The Man in the Moone withstood the test and came out the other side a better show. That said, not long into the Fringe we realised that we … Continue reading

Edinburgh Fringe

At this year’s Fringe there will be more theatre than there has ever been in its history AND it’s a British Council Showcase year. You only have to browse through the program to notice the quality of companies making the trip up and that’s not even including the countless brilliant new shows we have never … Continue reading

Staying Employed

Currently, we are back on the road touring Jekyll & Hyde after two wonderful weeks at the Watermill! Different day, different venue, different audience and away we go! The challenge of this is ever so subtly adjusting our performance to fit each new space. Keeps us on our toes! As we settle into our new … Continue reading