Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new blog for Rhum and Clay Theatre Company. On this blog we’ll be sharing a whole host of interesting things, such as: what goes on in rehearsals, how our workshops work, what’s inspiring us at the moment and much more.

The first big date coming up on the Rhum and Clay calendar is our residency at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter. We’ll be there for three weeks in November and we’re very excited about going back down there (we performed Shutterland there earlier this year). While we’re there we’ll be performing Shutterland again, and also A Strange Wild Song (trailer here), our 2012 Edinburgh hit. But that’s not all! We’ll also be doing a series of workshops in local schools and universities, and developing a new show idea. So it’s going to be a busy month for us but we’re tremendously buoyed by the fact that we’ve secured funding from Arts Council England for the duration of the residency. We’ll be blogging about our time down there and all the new things we’re working on, so stay tuned. We’ll see you in Exeter!



13th-24th November (not 15th, 18th, 19th, 22nd), 7.30pm

Tickets from £5! http://www.bikeshedtheatre.co.uk


6th-10th, 15th, 22nd November, 7.30pm

Tickets from £5! http://www.bikeshedtheatre.co.uk


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