Embarking on new beginnings…

It’s exciting times at Rhum and Clay HQ! We have just embarked on our residency at The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, and are three shows into our run of Shutterland, and we are looking forward to reprising, A Strange Wild Song, next weekWe always have such a great time at the Bike Shed and in Exeter, and this time has been no different. From the incredibly warm responses we have received from audience members and students in our workshops, to the Bike Shed bar team making and naming a cocktail in our honour, A Strange Wild RHUM! we are always humbled and excited by the reaction our work provokes in the people of Exeter.

We are getting into as many Exeter schools as possible to teach Lecoq centred workshops to the kids, and we’ve been really taken aback by the commitment and energy shown by kids aged 14 right up to the students at Exeter Uni drama society. It is always a pleasure to teach anyone who has enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, but most of all a desire to play. Most actors are children at heart, so we always enjoy creating and bouncing ideas around with young people.

When we are not performing or drinking our very own branded cocktail at the Bike Shed, we are using the beautiful ramshackle theatre as a springboard for our next production. At this very early stage we are simply playing around with ideas in the space, but our earliest inspirations are exploration and discovery, particularly very early turn of the century explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton, who against all rationality took teams of  brave (crazy) guys into the icy unknown. So you heard it here first folks we are bracing ourselves, holding our breaths, stocking up and training up ready for our journey into the dark and icy unknown…. much like the devising process itself.

Keep on the look out for more blog posts and also a new blog that we will create solely for documenting our new upcoming production which will premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013… whew that sounds a long way away, but it will swing around much quicker than ya think.

Over and out.

And if you are in Exeter please do pop into the Bike Shed, and catch the show and share a limited edition cocktail with us!

Jules x

Shutterland production photograph by Rob Darch

Shutterland production photograph by Rob Darch

Shutterland production photograph by Rob Darch


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