Week 2

Two weeks in and our Exeter residency has surprised, exhausted and challenged. Week two commenced with a road trip to Tiverton Community Arts Theatre run by the brilliant Julian John Morgan, then began the run of A Strange Wild Song at The Bike Shed. All of this was punctuated with workshops, Photo shoots, aching muscles, Research & Development, bike rides and tasty cocktails.

The quality of our work has always been at the heart of everything we do, the opportunity to perform regularly to new audiences improves our work and makes us better performers. Thankfully Exeter has really turned out to see our work, with many shows selling out, a packed theatre provides a fantastic atmosphere! Long may it continue

Part of our plan in achieving longevity as a company (culminating in world domination obviously…) is our education programme. Workshops are something we really enjoy, and often we begin to re learn aspects of our own education as we pass information onto the students. This is a surprising and quite wonderful aspect of teaching that we had not expected, making it an all the more worthwhile and rewarding experience. This week was no different as we performed in the delightful Tiverton at the Community Arts Theatre, and did a workshop with the children at Tiverton Community College. Amazingly this community theatre is run by a local Homicide detective, I’m pretty sure not many detectives find time in between cases to knock together a great evening of music and theatre! In light of Danny Boyle’s recent comments on the importance of regional theatre, its essential people like Julian John Morgan are celebrated and more importantly financially backed.

On top of all this, the research and development stage of our residency has really got going. We have began exploring a range of topics, beginning with exploring exploration itself. We then began improvising around the human desire to test individual limits, to build the tallest buildings, travel to space, explore the Antarctic, the wonder of the unknown, what is it that drives this desire over the ages?

Men have entered into a desire of learning and knowledge, sometimes upon a natural curiosity and inquisitive appetite: sometimes to entertain their minds with variety and delight: sometimes for ornament and reputation
Francis Bacon

We will be having a showing this coming Friday of all that we have dug up.

So, not long now, one more week and the residency is finished! The week ahead will be a celebration of all that we have done; ticket sales are great, the collaboration with local schools will culminate in a performance at the Bike Shed and we will have a showing of some new work. But for now? Sleep.


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