As our residency ends, we look to the future!

Well well well, what a top notch 3 weeks we spent with the people of Exeter! we had such an awesome time with Bike Shed staff (Johnny we will forever miss your soup and coffee), the guys over at the Methodist church who allowed us to park our bikes outside for a fortnight (which Daniel thought translated to ‘for-tha-night’), but most of all thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed both Shutterland and A Strange Wild Song. We always love performing down in the West Country and we always feel at home so thank you everyone for that!

Our residency ended with the wonderful kids of West Ex community college performing their very own devised work at the Bike Shed theatre for friends and family. It was an awesome afternoon, and the work they produced was weird, wacky, vibrant and most importantly original. The progress that each and every student made from the first lesson we had with them to performance day was incredible, even one girl who was incredibly scared to be on stage when we first met her, was up there with the rest of them performing her heart out. Needless to say we were very proud parents that day. 

Our three week stint at the Bike Shed also culminated in an exclusive work in progress performance for a very select number of V.I.Ps (and anyone who has a spare 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon) to come see the fruits of our labour. It is always an enlightening experience performing new work to the public, and from what we showed we were very pleased with the response (both laughter and cerebral musings). The scenes we presented focused on the ideas of exploration, both arctic and astrological, from a drunk man in a bar exploring a table cloth, to an astronaut exploring the universe. It is these small and large, significant and insignificant explorations that have captured our imaginations. We will explore and search further and where we will find ourselves by our opening shows in August 2013 is still a glorious mystery, but when we trigger a long discussion in our audience post show, we know we are on to something special. 

And so as the sun fell on our last performance of A Strange Wild Song we packed our van like a not so fun game of Tetris and left Exeter and the Bike Shed Theatre with a heavy heart, but also with the knowledge that we will be back again. For December and January we will be going into a kind of admin hibernation (imagine a bear with a laptop), as we busily plan a very exciting 2013!We have a lovely looking tour of A Strange Wild Song that kicks off in February (dates soon on the website), then we will be touring Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde with the Watermill theatre (which will be co-written by the fantastic Beth Flintoff), we will debut our new show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, and then we will be performing a brand spanking new project at Richmix in London in September (… details to follow).

Phew… now I’m going to eat a mince pie. I suggest you do the same.

Jules x


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