On the Road Again


Currently we are down in Devon and it’s snowing! Weather aside, it’s great to be out of London. As amazing a city as it is, with a blast of fresh air, some local produce and some brilliant nights out, you can rest assured there is a life outside London. We have all been staying at some beautiful West Country cottages in preparation for our performances; on Friday night we performed at the Tolman Centre, a converted Methodist church where the theatre space was reminiscent of some of the performance spaces at Summerhall in Edinburgh. Credit and huge thanks must go to Charlie and Barbara Pugh who run this wonderful theatre. When we asked Charlie why he spends so much time running a theatre (it’s unpaid) his response was brilliant: “I’m retired, what am I gonna do? Play golf?” No offence to the world of golf, but the world of theatre needs more people like Charlie and Barbara. They run the Tolman Centre with a network of volunteers from the local community and have managed to programme some brilliant companies such as Theatre Ad Infinitum and Pants on Fire to name but a few! The Tolman Centre is one of the quiet achievers of the theatre world, going about its business programing new and interesting work and most importantly, engaging with the community! We are chuffed to be a part of it.

Right now we are immersing ourselves in a few days of research and development at Beaford Arts for our new show The Man in The Moone, due to premier at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Location to be announced soon!


Matt Wells

A Strange Wild Song at New Diorama Theatre, Spring Tour 2013 ©RWD13

A Strange Wild Song at New Diorama Theatre, Spring Tour 2013 ©RWD13

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