Halfway There

At the end of last year we sat down and planned out 2013: we looked at our touring commitments, rehearsal schedules and the build up to that little Scottish festival in August and ended up with a schedule that was jam-packed. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it all looked very challenging. The trick would be balancing the creative requirements of devising two new shows, touring for four months and planning for Edinburgh.

Not that we are complaining; we most certainly prefer to be busy.

Invariably when you are devising a show, it is constantly running through your head. Everything you see becomes a point of inspiratn and adds to a million other questions. A major challenge is being able to switch from one creative project to another, though by no means impossible. We have stopped work on our new show The Man In The Moone and have just commenced work on our adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde. Thankfully we are not alone: J&H is being co-created with Beth Flintoff in partnership with The Watermill Theatre.

It’s all very exciting and it’s amazing to think that this project has been in the making since 2011! Work really does beget work. One of the main reasons we have such a busy schedule this year is that we have continued to keep making work and eventually people took notice. We would be remiss not to mention all the support we have received as well from organizations such as the Arts Council, Watermill Theatre, Beaford Arts, Hertfrod Theatre, The Bike Shed and many more. Perhaps most importantly we have a tremendous support network of creative people who believe in what we do and work for free or very little.

So it was on Monday morning we packed our bags and headed to Newbury to start Jekyll and Hyde. We’ll be posting further blogs on the process here as show time approaches!


R&D for Man in the Moone

R&D for Man in the Moone

Daniel during rehearsal

Daniel during rehearsal


Ladders and tarpaulin - Man in the Moone

Ladders and tarpaulin – Man in the Moone




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