Married to Rhum and Clay

We spend a lot of time together. People often ask as us what it’s like being in Rhum and Clay and it’s like being married to your best mate! Terrifying concept I know. We have a joint bank account, live together, shop together, work together and when there’s not enough beds on tour we have to sleep together.

We have heard each other’s stories a million times, so much so that they are often just shortened to a significant word, a word that upon mentioning instantly provokes grown men to roll about in fits of laughter. This is a constant annoyance to pretty much everyone else, especially our producer.

There is a purpose to all this silliness: central to everything we do is a sense of fun. None of us would be doing this if we didn’t enjoy it, and I daresay the day we stopped enjoying it we would probably do something else, whatever that is! This week we will be back for our final week of Jekyll and Hyde rehearsals before we go out on tour. In many respects this is the most rewarding part of the creative process; you begin to see the fruits of your labour, you’re able to find the space to play within all the choreography and text and you can utilize the set and costume to bring the show to life.

Now I must be off to cook for my fellow claymates!


Photo by Philip Tull

Photo by Philip Tull


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