On the road with Jekyll and Hyde

Last week we packed up our wonderful vaudevillian set and headed out to the village halls. As with all opening weeks there is a heightened anxiety about the show; no matter how confident you are you’re never entirely sure how it will be received.  After all, theatre is ephemeral; without an audience we’re just three guys prancing around in a dark room. To the relief of all involved it was a great success.

An integral part of the show is its connection with the audience. Unlike more conventional theatre, where audiences don’t know each other and are there purely to watch the show, village hall audiences are all from the same community and all know each other. However, they usually have very little idea what they will be watching, being there instead for the occasion. This provides a uniquely intimate atmosphere, almost as if you are performing in someone’s living room. It’s easy to stick your nose up at such events and dismiss them as a result of their humble surroundings, but this would be a mistake. It is these very qualities that should be celebrated and cherished.

But for now we take a break from the road and settle in to the beautiful surroundings of the Watermill Theatre for the next two weeks.

So come, join us!


Gabriel Utterson, Henry Jekyll and Hastie Lanyon

Gabriel Utterson, Henry Jekyll and Hastie Lanyon



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