Staying Employed

Currently, we are back on the road touring Jekyll & Hyde after two wonderful weeks at the Watermill! Different day, different venue, different audience and away we go! The challenge of this is ever so subtly adjusting our performance to fit each new space. Keeps us on our toes!

As we settle into our new routine our minds shift to future projects. It seems we are in a constant state of planning and the only time this stops is when we are on stage. The most immediate project is the upcoming festival of madness, more often referred to as The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Although not yet in the rehearsal room there is plenty to organise and we are learning fast that the more you do out of the rehearsal room the easer it is once you get in there! This means designating time to thrash out ideas and clarify what we are actually trying to make and why we are trying to make it. It’s amazing how easy it is to not do this!

Alongside all this Edinburgh planning we are also pitching TV ideas and future theatre projects- my brain is sore from thinking! Of course this is how we want it; it’s an extremely exciting time for R&C. You work so hard to eke out some space in what is a very crowded industry and it seems that the closer you get to your ever-shifting goals, the greater the risk! It’s a strange game and you are constantly walking that fine line between glorious success and absolute, humiliating failure! But then again, who isn’t?



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