Edinburgh Fringe

At this year’s Fringe there will be more theatre than there has ever been in its history AND it’s a British Council Showcase year. You only have to browse through the program to notice the quality of companies making the trip up and that’s not even including the countless brilliant new shows we have never heard about. This is what makes the Fringe so great. To stand out from a crowd of 2800 others, your show needs to be good – yes, you can have the most amazing flyer, a genius idea to get people in the door or an estranged relative of a once famous star in your cast – but when you get down to it, the only thing that is really going to make your Fringe a success is the quality of your show.

Having set up camp at London Bridge, we have locked ourselves away in a black box to finish off what we think is a really exciting show: The Man In The Moone. Our process is relatively simple. We work chronologically through the plot, with deadlines for points to be reached, then we repeat this process over and over again, each time getting more and more detailed. Currently we are half-way through our second run-through. We know what we want to happen, we are just trying to work out how to make this possible.  For example: how do you show the moon? It’s a question we are still trying to solve and inevitably the answer will be in a combination of all our different suggestions. Collaborating can be challenging, but it has the ability to produce something truly unique, the combined efforts and artistic visions of many all weaved together to tell a captivating story.

Not long now, see your fines selves in Edinburgh! See below for our fantastic new publicity shot!

Help us get to Edinburgh Donate here.


Photo by Rhys Robinson

Photo by Rhys Robinson


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