Where Next?

With the dust of Edinburgh still settling we are able to look back on August with bruised egos and diminished bank balances and say, ‘We survived … just!’

The Man in the Moone withstood the test and came out the other side a better show. That said, not long into the Fringe we realised that we wanted to continue developing the show. Now we begin that process, stripping everything back and looking at the guts of the show: what we want to lose, what we need to refine and, more importantly, how we do it. I can’t tell you how useful this is. The process has allowed us to clarify the way we work, how we work and the kind of work that we want to make.

This is not just limited to the creative side of things. Our ever-patient producer is constantly asking us what kind of company we want to be. Aside from a really good one where we can create amazing work, employ our amazingly artistic friends and pay our rent, it’s difficult to answer, but after this Festival we all left Edinburgh with a strong sense of what we wanted and how to do it. Once you know this, everything becomes much easier.

But this process can’t take too long; we are back out on the road soon! We shall be taking Moone back to The Bike Shed in Exeter and we are very excited about this, but who wouldn’t be? It’s a brilliant little venue that also happens to serve great cocktails! As for the rest of you, we shall be planning a much bigger tour next year (amongst other projects). We very much hope you can come and enjoy the fruits of our labour at a theatre near you!


The Man in the Moone and A Strange Wild Song will be at The Bike Shed Theatre, November 5th-21st. Tickets and More information here

We’re also touring A Strange Wild Song this autumn. Details on our website

The Man in the Moone production photos below

Production photo by Richard Davenport.

Production photo by Richard Davenport.

Production photo by Richard Davenport.

Production photo by Richard Davenport.


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