Making Plans

I must confess to a love of making plans. There is a strange satisfaction in organising the whats, the wheres and the hows. As we have progressed as a company, the amount of these left to chance has decreased and we have been able to wrestle back a bit of control. That said, there is still much that is decided by the theatrical gods, to which anyone who has applied for an Arts Council grant can attest.

This October we will have our very first ‘Rhum and Clay Retreat’. Yes, this sounds like a corporate junket full of team-building exercises, blue-sky thinking and sexual harassment, but for us, it’s about getting out of London, sitting down and nutting out where we want to be and how we want to get there.

As a company at the grand old age of two-and-a-half, we want to define what this little toddler of company will grow into. As we age it is inevitable that all of us will not always be involved in everything we make. It’ll be brilliant to continue expanding what is already a talented artistic pool, calling on different actors, musicians, designers and directors for different projects, all working under the umbrella of Rhum and Clay.

This is not some theatrical utopia; Complicite, DV8 and Gecko all had to start somewhere. We are not the only ones striving for  creative and financial freedom, but we say the more the merrier! Companies that continue to produce amazing work only serve to inspire; Theatre Ad Infinitum and Bryony Kimmings (whose shows we loved at the Fringe this year) spring to mind. Both seem to continually produce work of the highest quality. For us it is about defining our unique voice, a voice we want to be heard for many years to come.



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